Friday, 11 April 2014

April 16 Jam at the Royal


Earlier this month, we started our new schedule of twice monthly ukulele jams. Although we had a decent turnout at the last jam, some people may not have heard about the schedule change. Hopefully, everyone soon will get the message. And if you've been turned off by the overcrowding in the back room, in the last jam we met in the front of the Royal Tavern, where there's much more room. If numbers warrant, we'll probably continue doing that.

And now on to our next jam. We'll start with a beginner's workshop at 7:00pm. No theory this time. We'll spend our time on one particular song, building on a strum pattern we learned before. After a short break, we'll resume at 8:00pm with the usual open jam, where we'll play our favorite songs, either solo, or leading the group. Everyone will get their chance if they want. Or you can just sit back and strum along with the group. Please bring copies of the songs you want to do. As usual, I'll bring an assortment of songs, conveniently packaged in one PDF:

Okay, so my songs are a bit heavy on songs by Paul McCartney. He wrote some fine songs. Some of these songs are new, others we've done before, some not for several years.

Again, if you use Google Calendar, you can view the Kingston Ukulele Society calendar to see ukulele related events in the area. You can even add the KUS calendar to your "Other calendars" list using the id "". If you have a ukulele related event to add to the calendar, just let me know.

As usual, we jam in the Ro
yal Tavern, 344 Princess Street, a bar once owned by Sir John A. Macdonald. Parking is normally available on Princess Street. Or park in the lot at the back of the Royal, off Brock Street, just past the fire hall. Be sure to show your appreciation to the Royal by visiting the bar and purchasing a beverage or two. Don't forget that they also offer soft drinks, in addition to their assortment of beers and other alcoholic drinks.

Cheers! Hans