Wednesday, 5 February 2014

February 12 Ukulele Jam at the Royal

Greetings, all!
All "Lucky" Orr, UCON founder

First, I'd like to welcome the Ukulele Consortium of Napanee to the ever growing roster of Ontario ukulele jams. I joined them for their first jam last week and had a great time. Their next jam is on Tuesday February 25th. 7:30pm at Marie's Place.

Second, I'd like to thank all the Kingston ukesters for giving us the highest attendance so far at a Kingston Ukulele Society jam. At the January jam, a total of 15 ukulele players joined in! Given the number of beginners at the jam, I think it's time to make a few format changes. Starting with this month's jam, I want to start at 7:00pm with a beginners' workshop. We'll then break at 7:45pm, and resume with our usual jam format at 8:00pm.

And so, our next jam will be next week, on February 12. Starting at 7pm, the workshop will be geared towards beginners, starting from the basics. We'll start with some strumming exercises, followed by some easy chord changes using a classic two-chord song. For some variety, we'll do that song in a number of different keys, each one progressively more difficult. 
The more experienced players may want to have a few drinks in the main bar area during the workshop.

For the song circle portion of the jam starting at 8pm, please bring a few copies of some of your favorite songs. I've prepared a few myself, conveniently packaged in one pdf.

In this mix, we have songs from four different decades. One is an easy two-chord song, and two are three-chord songs. "Rio", by ex-Monkee Michael Nesmith, is a bit more challenging, with some interesting chord combinations. If you listen to CBC radio, you may have heard the story behind this song on Terry O'Reilly's show, Under The Influence. In the program called The Marketing of Rock 'N Roll - Part 2, O'Reilly discusses how the video produced by Nesmith for this song led to the development of a cable channel showing music videos 24 hours a day.

As usual, we jam in the back room of the historic Royal Tavern, 344 Princess Street. Parking is normally available on Princess Street. Or park in the lot at the back of the Royal, off Brock Street, just past the fire hall. Be sure to show your appreciation to the Royal by visiting the bar and purchasing a beverage or two. Don't forget that they also offer soft drinks, in addition to their assortment of beers and other alcoholic drinks.

Cheers! Hans